🎉 2-year Portfolio Program
>> 4 internships >> 1 Creative Diploma 🎊

Our long term portfolio program takes 2 years with 1 year spent in school, in class.
And 1 year spent in "extended classrooms", aka: international internships at the world’s
top and most awarded agencies. 

New York



We aim to train you "holistically", so - no matter if you pick Art Direction or Copywriting as major subject, you will be sitting in the same classes. 🎨 ✍️

At least during Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 in school, with a few "specialist" classes in Quarter 3 and Quarter 4. Thus, Copywriters learn basic Art Direction skills and vice versa!

During the one year in school, you get a creative “toolbox” as well as all the skills and knowledge you need to work in the creative industry. In addition, you create a portfolio that is your ticket to a career in…




You will be taught by outstanding mentors – all our teachers work for top agencies and have a proven track record in the creative industry! This puts you right on the ball and gets you learning about the latest trends while finding out what is expected for the job.
Concept Classes
Digital Marketing
Conceptual Thinking
Copy Techniques
Integrated Advertising
Technical Classes
Design & Layout
Creative Cloud Basic & Advanced
3D, After Effects, Cinema 4D basic & advanced
UX & Layout Implementation
Skillset Classes
Design Influences
Student Competition / Awards Class
Pop Culture Engineering
Presentation Techniques

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