2 Year Portfolio Program

Art Direction & Copywriting

Your portfolio is the place where all your creative work and ideas are presented.
The portfolio can be a website, a social channel, book, blog, etc. it will also showcase who you are - your individual business card so to say.
Promote yourself and land a job in one of the best ad agencies worldwide.
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The 2 years are split in ... 👇

1st Year = Quarter 1 - 4

The first year you'll spend in our school, on location, in Berlin. Intensely mentored by well-known business professionals who teach you many skills, (craft & concept) in class. 

2nd Year = Quarter 5 - 8

The second year you will be in an "extended classroom", putting into practice what you learned in school - with top ranked international agencies. And then graduate with a fine-tuned portfolio and a Creative Diploma!





Write your awesome label here.

What does it cost?

  •   1.  
  • You first transfer the application fee of EUR 100 to start the application process and upload all requirements.
  •   2.  
  • The tuition fee is EUR 2,600 per three months, aka: one quarter education.
    >> in total EUR 20,800 for 8 quarters / 2 years.

What else is
 in for you?

We support you throughout the whole process - for example:
  • visa permission and forms
  • residency permit
  • housing recommendation
  • etc.

1 international
Creative Diploma

Graduate after 8 quarters including 3-4 intern. internships:
  • get recognized through awards
  • get placed in top agencies, etc.
  • get connected to our 
    world-wide creative network of
    outstanding professionals

Short Term Program

This program is one year in specially selected classes from our portfolio programs that revolve around creative concepts and writing, if you pick Copywriting. Or around visual classes, if you pick Art Direction. In addition, you get a ten-week internship at a top agency in Berlin, so that you can try out and go more deeply into all the newly acquired knowledge in practice. It results in a certificate and yes, you will have a (better) portfolio in the end!


Eligibility:  Please note, that due to visa regulations, this program is available for EU nationals only.



  • Location:
    on-side @factory Berlin
  • Duration:
    1 Year / 4 quarters 
  • Cost:
    EUR 1,500 per quarter /
    EUR 6,000 in total
  • Result:
    1 Creative Diploma Certificate
  • Best Fit for ...
    Copywriters or Art Directors with a little bit of experience 

Individual Classes can be
booked for a 10 week term

Once a week you would join a running class and receive a certificate of completion.



  • For the Individual Classes, you pick a single class from the overall portfolio program’s course, thus kind of „pick from the menu“ and choose the classes you are most interested in.
  • You pick a class (cost: EUR 1,000 per class) and participate over the course of a quarter (= 10 weeks). Resulting in a certificate and lots of learnings.
  • Individual classes could be a technical subject like Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.). Concept classes, courses in Copywriting or Creative Strategy. Or “skill set” classes with topics like Presentation Techniques or Client Communication.