What does it cost to study in our school? 💶 

🚨 Please keep in mind that tuition fees only cover the education with us. Cost of living, housing, travel expenses, etc. are not included! 🚨
Please note:
The price for each quarter is a median of the total costs for the entire duration of our 2-year-portfolio program.  
Since paying a consistent tuition fee across all quarters has proven to be in our student’s (or their sponsor's) best interest.

⚠️Tuition fees have to be paid upfront, about six weeks before the quarter term starts.

Tuition fees per program:

The 2-year long Portfolio Program in Art Direction or Copywriting costs 2.600 Euro per quarter. = 20.800 EUR 

The 1-year long Portfolio Program in Art Direction or Copywriting costs 1.500 Euro per quarter. = 6.000 EUR 

An Individual Class (= single course you pick from the course plan) costs 1.000 EUR per quarter. 

Financial Aid or Scholarships available?

We try to support you as best as we can. Resulting in not having raised the tuitions for the last 15 years, despite facing immense cost increases lately.

As a private, small-sized school, without investors or sponsors, we rely on an economically well balanced ratio of full tuition and discounted ones.

So we can only offer a very limit amount of scholarships. Eligible for those with an excellent application and the proven need to get financial aid.